• IoT Service /
    Injection Molding Maintenance
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    IoT Service Injection Molding Management Intro

    IoT platform service that can attach an end device (IoT sensor) suitable for a desired purpose to a specific asset of a customer,

    transmit necessary data such as status and location to the cloud system,

    and manage the asset anytime, anywhere through the platform service

    Main Components

    End device

    • Shot count function
    • Protection against heat and vibration
      (Parts heat resistance over 60 degrees)
    • 5 years battery life
      (3 years use, 2 years standby)
    • Optimally Compact size
    • Shock protection
    • Prevention of random detachment
    • Check battery level
    • Energy harvest application

    Base station

    • Sigfox has designed its technology and network to meet the requirements of mass IoT applications
      • long device battery life-cycle
      • low device cost
      • low connectivity fee
      • high network capacity
      • long range
    • Sigfox offers a software based communications solution, where all the network and computing complexity is managed in the Cloud, rather than on the devices


    • Location monitoring function
    • End device status information
    • Number of uses
    • Minimize size
    • Use and Standby Separation
    • End device auto-registration
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