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    RS IoT
    NAP (Nano Access Point)
    NAP-3, NAP-5, NAP-7.

    Devices – Nano Access Point (NAP)

    Remote Solution will launch and distribute a new Sigfox access point platform within its global markets.
    The new Nano device is created to ensure increased coverage within blackspot areas in a cost-effective solution.
    This augments the choices by supporting different types of internet backhauls available to consumers and SMB customers.
    The applications may also be extended via mobility functionality with GPS, NFC, and BLE. As an example, International Transportation in cases of border crossing is supported via GPS and an “Automatic RC Change” feature.
    The NAP product offers a new market segment and low cost value proposition to customers considering or planning to upgrade the Sigfox service.


    The Nano Access Point (NAP) is the perfect solution for Sigfox radio indoor coverage extension.
    It is a standard performance base station supporting uplink with -105dBm sensitivity and downlink with 99% success rate up to 1000 meters in free path loss conditions, assuming Sigfox Ready devices with 14dBm ERP.

    IDE & Design

    Common IDE design for all models, with three configurations for varied use cases.
    The ID below indicates the NAP-7 model, which features two external antennas for LTE and Sigfox

    External Antenna Config 

    •  2 antennas* for NAP-5 and NAP-7
    •  1 antenna for NAP-3

    * Two antenna config, includes one for Sigfox, the other for LTE


    Rear Interfaces:

    • Antenna Input (fixed rotating)
    • USB-C Power Input 
    • Reset switch (recessed)
    • Two RJ45 ports to support either a WAN  or LAN  connection.

    LED Indicator Configurations

    • 5 LEDs for NAP3, NAP5
    • 6 LEDs for NAP7
    Product Overview

    Product Line-up

    Three Models Categorized by its Backhaul.
    The NAP product line offers user flexibility based on network environment through its “ZTI” auto-setup.
    A simple “Zero Touch” Installation feature that seamlessly connects homes to the Sigfox network.

    NAP Positioning
    Sigfox Network solutions
    within the market
    Value Proposition to SOs
    Value Proposition to SOs

    NAP creates new value in cost, market, and function in Sigfox eco-system



    Save on TCO

    –   Lower Unit price
    –   Extended user choice with an NAP in low density areas
    –   Save installation time through “Zero touch installation”



    –   Vary its use-case application in the shipping

         transportation markets 


    B2B2C or SMB Market

    –  Extend its market to SMB



    Multiple Backhauls                 

    –  LTE, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet support


    –  AP/STA mode



    –  For easy configuration


    Add-On Features: PoE, GPS, etc.

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